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Noldorin Icon Family [Updated:10.5]

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 11, 2011, 8:05 AM
:new: Eol
Spots are currently closed!
Might open for more, or might not....

Dang, i'm seeing icon families everywhere on dA...

I bet no one would've make them, so I'll just go and make them myself. They need more love! We gotta spread the Noldors around dA! :la:

Note: They're gonna be in my design.

And please keep an eye on this journal, because new things will be posted now and then. It's your responsibility.

We Noldors are one big happy family. Kin slaying? Hatred? Betrayal? Nope, never heard :3

Icon Family: Finwe by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Miriel by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Indis by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Mahtan by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Feanor by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Nerdanel by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Maedhros by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Maglor by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Celegorm by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Caranthir by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Curufin by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Amrod by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Amras by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Celebrimbor by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Huan by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Fingolfin by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Anaire by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Fingon by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Turgon by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Elenwe by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Idril by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Aredhel by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Eol by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Argon by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Ereinion by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Maeglin by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Finarfin by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Earwen by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Finrod by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Orodreth by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Angrod by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Aegnor by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Galadriel by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Celebrian by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Finduilas by kittykatkanieIcon Family: Elrond by kittykatkanie

House of Finwe
Icon Family: Finwe by kittykatkanie Finwe (VisAnastasis)
Icon Family: Miriel by kittykatkanie Miriel(justinedarkchylde)
Icon Family: Indis by kittykatkanie Indis (Glorrosaelin)
Icon Family: Mahtan by kittykatkanie Mahtan (FaeOfWinter)

House of Feanor
Icon Family: Feanor by kittykatkanie Feanor (Saeleth)
Icon Family: Nerdanel by kittykatkanie Nerdanel (MisoBunny)
Icon Family: Maedhros by kittykatkanie Maedhros (kittykatkanie)
Icon Family: Maglor by kittykatkanie Maglor (talespirit)
Icon Family: Celegorm by kittykatkanie Celegorm (StrawberryJam1313)
Icon Family: Caranthir by kittykatkanie Caranthir (Feanoriel)
Icon Family: Curufin by kittykatkanie Curufin (JenniferElluin)
Icon Family: Amrod by kittykatkanie Amrod (Kupo9089)
Icon Family: Amras by kittykatkanie Amras (mog9089)
Icon Family: Celebrimbor by kittykatkanie Celebrimbor (Annathelle26)
Icon Family: Huan by kittykatkanie Huan (SaerwenApsenniel)

House of Fingolfin
Icon Family: Fingolfin by kittykatkanie Fingolfin (AlaisL)
Icon Family: Anaire by kittykatkanie Anaire (avi17)
Icon Family: Fingon by kittykatkanie Fingon (tirldar)
Icon Family: Turgon by kittykatkanie Turgon (aire73)
Icon Family: Elenwe by kittykatkanie Elenwe (R3dArkang3l)
Icon Family: Aredhel by kittykatkanie Aredhel (MoonlightsBlood)
Icon Family: Eol by kittykatkanie Eol (Embrethil)
Icon Family: Argon by kittykatkanie Argon (ElawenAltariel)
Icon Family: Ereinion by kittykatkanie Ereinon (AlaudeSketchbook)
Icon Family: Idril by kittykatkanie Idril (nakichu)
Icon Family: Maeglin by kittykatkanie Maeglin (sargentsnarky)

House of Finarfin
Icon Family: Finarfin by kittykatkanie Finarfin (Burning-Nightingale)
Icon Family: Earwen by kittykatkanie Earwen (ninquetari)
Icon Family: Finrod by kittykatkanie Finrod (Dreams-of-Arda)
Icon Family: Orodreth by kittykatkanie Orodreth (LadyBrookeCelebwen)
Icon Family: Angrod by kittykatkanie Angrod (GovannonsArt)
Icon Family: Aegnor by kittykatkanie Aegnor (Gwenniel)
Icon Family: Galadriel by kittykatkanie Galadriel (HeavenlyCondemned)
Icon Family: Celebrian by kittykatkanie Celebrian (Reverie91)
Icon Family: Finduilas by kittykatkanie Finduilas (talktob3cks)
Icon Family: Elrond by kittykatkanie Elrond (iDance)


If you want to join this family, comment on here or the poll I have it on my profile page. :) Just tell me which character from the Noldor (House of Finwe) - if it's not taken, i'll make the icon :heart:
Anyone is welcome, but I have one minimum requirement:

You don't have to be a Silmarillion "fan", but you must at least know about it.

This means, you either read it before, or know the basic outline of the story - especially about the Noldors.
If you've read or watched LOTR and/or Hobbit, that's great, but that does NOT automatically makes you know about Silmarillion.
Unless your gallery shows that you obviously know about it, I'll ask you this.

There are couple rules too:

1. This is Noldorin Elves only - those from Finwe's line, down to the 4th generation (ex. Celebrimbor)
I have decided that I'll take the spouses, those are non-Noldors too.
2. Only the person who I authorized it, can use the icon.  
3. You're only allowed to use it for your own dA account.
4. Though you can use it, its still copyrighted to me. (besides, the visual design is mine)
5. You must an active user for at least 3 months - you either have a work in your gallery (submitted by yourself) or the number of comments show that you've been active quite often. I don't want to give up the icon to ones who just made an account to have it...
6. If you're inactive for 3 months without any notice, you will automatically kicked out from the family - other user can take over that icon.
:new: 7. Once you gave me the right answer (and I confirm), you're going to be invited to join the family group :iconnoldorinfamilystore: before getting an icon - to see if you can get along with the members as well as to see how often you're active.

On the side note, just to let you guys know I don't do the following characters:
Findis, Irime, and other "assumed" wives of the characters.

In addition, it's not necessary, but I'll be greatful if you can mention about this icon family on your journal or somewhere on your page.
Why? Because these Noldor need more love! :heart:

NOTE: If you decide to leave the family, please let me know - so I can let other people take over the icon (don't worry, I'm not going to bite your head off for leaving, but I will if you DON'T tell me :icononichewplz:).



Nom Nom by Mr-Stamp

Special thanks to :iconelves-of-tolkien: for advertising about this on their group journal :heart:

I made a chat room for this icon family <3…
It doesn't mean anyone who's not in the family can't join - we're just gonna be spazzing with our fandoms of Silmarillion and calling each other with our icon names :rofl:
Be prepared.
Note: I'll be on whenever i'm on dA (which is pretty much.... everyday lol) Just jump in anytime! :la:

:heart: Noldorin Unit Adoptables :heart:

Do click on them and feed them your love :la::heart: They're hungry for them :heart:

If you're interested in adopting the Noldorin Family Units, note me - so I'll give you the password.</div>

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LadyMonet23 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014   Digital Artist
I love your little icons!  The idea of being a family is very cool!  I love any elf, really, but my all-time favorites are the ones from Gondolin (Glorfindel and Ecthelion <3).  I saw that you had a series of those elf icons as well, but apparently none of them are for usage yet?  Anyway, all of these little guys look so cute!  I don't really know who's taken or who's not, since it seems a lot of time has gone by, but I'd be happy just to join this awesome family *.*
rikitoka Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is just great! how would like to be part of it too. I just love Finrod.
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
Moonshine15 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
what did you make these in and how did you make them?
hallosse Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012  Student General Artist
Hi! Is Fingon currently being used? I'm confused......
kittykatkanie Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
Yes he is - the user changed accounts so he's moved to :iconvinyatar:
hallosse Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh, okay. *sigh*
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